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The lillipilli is a rainforest tree native to where I grew up in Australia. The tree is pretty, although nothing spectacular. But if you chance upon a fruiting lillipilli then you’ll realize the fabulousness of this little tree. Lillipilli berries are the kind of color you think can’t possibly be natural – they’re a “wow!” color, a vibrant hot pink that's indescribably the perfect hot pink. Only years of evolution can produce a color like that.


I chose to name my jewelry line after the humble lillipilli because I am inspired by the "wow" factors found in nature. An imprint from a perfectly imperfect shell; the way the tentacles of a jellyfish dance in the current or passionfruit tendrils curl in spring; the geometry of fish scales.


I have an imagination and hands that love to be creating. Although my mum thinks the little baskets (that bear a great resemblance to a bird’s nest) I made when I was 10 are still the best things I’ve ever made, I’ve somewhat honed my skills since then. I’ve moved from textile arts to sculpture, pottery, papermaking, printmaking, and precious metal clay silver jewelry.


After moving to San Diego, I moved towards creating aromatheraphy or diffuser jewelry. I design and handcraft each piece from fish skin leather. I first encountered this amazing highly textured material in a remote fishing village on the Southern Bight of Australia. Who knew that fish skin could be turned into leather?! This buttery-soft but robust leather certainly makes a statement! A drop of essential oil added to the back of the cuff and you'll be feeling the therapeutic benefits of the oil all day as it is pressed up against your skin. 


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