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Most people do a double-take when they hear that Lillipilli Designs aromatherapy cuffs are made of fish skin leather. Who knew that fish skin could be turned into leather?! This amazingly textured and unique leather is buttery-soft but robust and certainly makes a statement!


Fish skin leather is eco-friendly. I choose suppliers who use only non-endangered species of fish such as sea bass and carp and who recycle the skins from canneries who would otherwise dispose of them. The tanning process for fish skins is much less polluting than other leathers because only the scales need to be removed. The tanning process removes all oils, so the leather is odorless. Finally, the skins are dyed using only natural dyes. 


Each cuff is unique, not only because they are handmade, but because each fish skin is one-of-a-kind. When the scale is removed an empty scale pocket remains. Like your finger print, each skin is unique to itself, therefore no two pieces will be identical.

Fish skin leather

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